A letter from our Director:

As each of us continue to battle the health and economic impacts of COVID-19, Family Pathway’s goal is to work with a clear-head and open-heart toward the best possible outcome for everyone in our community. Our guides will be science and empathy. Keeping this in mind, Family Pathways will continue to model and advocate for what public health experts recommend and following guidelines set forth by the governor and public health officials.

Staff: Family Pathway’s staff will continue to provide telehealth services, interact remotely, and use best practices regarding social distancing if we must interact face to face.

Programs: Family Pathways where possible, we will continue programs using remote technology. We will provide in person services for critical or at risk persons with the use of personal protective equipment and proper social distancing. All trainings and events scheduled with Monarch Training Institute have been cancelled through January 2021. We will provide periodic updates on the status of our programs as circumstances change.

We recognize that, now more than ever, Butler County’s students and families require our support. Our program staff will remain connected to our youth and families, and offer help, resources and referrals as we are able.

Advocate: COVID-19 may have devastating effects on the most vulnerable individuals in our communities. Family Pathways is prepared to advocate for these individuals and urge all to help where you can,


Family Pathways is practicing and promoting social distancing because it is the first step in a conscientious response: it centers community over individual need by protecting not just you but the people in your life who are facing the greatest risks.

Take care of yourself and your family; watch out for friends, and neighbors. Let’s all remain calm and make ourselves useful by relying on science, best practices, and love for our community.


Dr. Elan Welter Lewis

Dr. Elan Welter Lewis

Executive Director

Telehealth and COVID-19 FAQ's

What is Telehealth? 

Telehealth is a service we are equipped to provide in response to COVID-19. Telehealth enables you to connect to your therapist or doctor virtually using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Exceptions can be made for traditional land line service if no other option is available.

I have an upcoming appointment with my therapist, should I cancel? 

NO! You should call Family Pathways and have your appointment rescheduled to Telehealth! Therapy in your living room, what is easier?

Is Family Pathways accepting new referrals

YES, During this time we are accepting new clients. With few exceptions this process is completed via Telehealth or virtually. 

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