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Children Looking For A Home

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Da'Marrie is a well-rounded, funny, and caring 14 year old young teen. Da'Marrie is an extremely social teen who loves to make the people around him laugh. Da'Marrie's contagious laugh lights up any room he is in. Da'Marrie is sports obsessed and hopes to play on a professional team when he grows up. Da'Marrie does well in school and is very proud of his good grades. Da'Marrie would love to find a family who can share his love of sports and watching movies. Da'Marrie would excel in a two-parent household that will be very supportive of his goals. Da'Marrie is an amazing young teen who is ready to find his forever family!


Evie is a charismatic, smart, and positive 18 year old young woman. Evie is a social teen who loves talking and spending time with others. Evie loves attending school and has excellent grades. Evie hopes to find a family who can share her love of rock music and spends time with her outdoors. Evie has expressed the desire to go camping and fishing with her forever family. Evie would excel in a supportive and nurturing family who can advocate for Evie's needs. Evie is such a joy and looks forward to finding her perfect forever family!

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James would like you to know he is a diehard football fan. His favorite team is obviously, the Pittsburgh Steelers. He will spend most of his time playing video games and making up his own rap songs. He considers himself to be athletic, which is why he is already training to be the next big football star. James says he could eat pizza with bacon and pepperoni for the rest of his life. He also mentions his love for pop and how he would eat chocolate ice cream any time of day almost every session we have together.   James was asked what are three things he could not live without, his response was, football, video games, and a family. James is still looking for his family. When asked, James would like a home with a mother and a father. He would like to have older siblings. He would like the family to have relatives with kids, so he can have cousins.  


  Ivan is an introverted, laid back, young man who loves turtles, the color purple, and playing basketball. His favorite basketball team is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Ivan also enjoys playing PlayStation, specifically, “Grand Theft Auto” and “Call of Duty.” In the future, Ivan sees himself getting a job, driving a BMW, and making lots of money. Ivan would like to maintain a relationship with his birth father, as well as his four siblings after finding his forever home.


For more information on these  teens, contact OCMI recruiters; Tracy Buyaki or Alexis Walker! 

Email: or 

Phone: 724-284-9440

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