Children Looking For A Home


Le’Sean is a handsome, athletic, lovable, funny and intelligent 15 year old young man. He enjoys going for walks, running, playing basketball, reading, listening to music, and doing word searches. When he is older, he would like to become an architect or an NBA player. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh and would like to remain there when he is older. He would like to attend either University of Pittsburgh or University of Louisville for architecture. His favorite football players are Le’Veon Bell, LeSean McCoy, Demarco Murray, and Ezekiel Elliot. Can you guess how he came up with his name? He describes his personality as “fundamental”. This meaning that he will do things for himself and be a good role model. He enjoys listening to rap music and would like to play AAU. Le’Sean is looking for a two parent family with no other children.  He would like home with his own bedroom and is open to having a pet.


Rosco is a 13 year old young man in search of a home. Rosco enjoys playing basketball and football. He dreams of playing in the NBA one day. If he is unable to play in the NBA, he wishes to be a counselor for children in placement. Rosco has no major medical needs and has no allergies. Rosco is currently in a residential setting and has made major strides since being placed there. Rosco is a very quiet young man who is in need of a home upon his discharge.  Rosco currently has contact with his maternal grandfather and would like to maintain this relationship. All families will be considered but Rosco would like to remain near the Johnstown area. Rosco would best be suited to live with a family with a mother and father. He would also benefit from being an only child in the home as he enjoys individual attention. Doing activities together is something that is important to Rosco as he has done this throughout his entire life with his grandfather and other placements. Rosco is not yet legally free for adoption.


Stephen is a kind and family oriented 16 year old boy who is in immediate need of a home. Stephen is passionate about cars and hopes to open up his own garage one day. Stephen has a strong connection to his biological family and would need to be with a family who would keep these connections open. Stephen has minor behavioral needs that are being addressed through his service providers around the Butler area. Stephen would prefer to live near the Butler area; however all homes will be considered. Stephen is not currently free for adoption.

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