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Mobile Mental Health Treatment

What is PATH?

Professional Assessment and Treatment for the Homebound (PATH). PATH is person-centered, strength-based, and designed to meet the mental health needs of individuals with mobility issues. PATH offers access to care for individuals who otherwise experience barriers to attending services in a traditional outpatient mental health setting. PATH is provided in the individual’s home and/or other community sites that support a private, counseling environment. PATH  offers a combination of flexible treatment options and provides individual, family or group therapy. Treatment goals support and are designed to enhance the level of functioning of the individual. PATH  therapists provide assessments, therapy, and assist with appropriate referrals. As the individual’s symptoms and situation stabilize, the mobile treatment team, with the individual’s participation, begins to plan for the transition to a less intensive level of care.

Enjoying the Woods

PATH strives to:

  • Improve the participant’s ability to function at home, work and in the community

  • Strengthen life management skills

  • Decrease symptoms related to the illness

  • Develop effective coping and stress management strategies

  • Prevent hospitalizations

  • Educate participants about their illness, addiction, treatment and recovery

  • Promote wellness, stability and quality of life

What can you expect?

After an initial assessment:

  • A therapist will come to your home or a location you choose to help you establish goals and provide weekly therapy.

  • Your therapist will help to connect you with other services, if necessary, as well as community resources to support you in reaching your goals.

  • Services are delivered on a flexible schedule that meets the client’s needs.

 Services include:

  • Consultations with our specialists

  • Evaluations and assessments

  • Individual, family or group therapy

  • Behavior modification exercises

  • Stress reduction exercises

  • Patient and family education

  • Medication management

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PATH  benefits those with: 

  • A mental health diagnosis that keeps them from leaving their home

  • An injury that makes it physically dangerous or unsafe for client to attend community locations

  • A fall risk or a risk of being injured

  • Any chronic disease that inhibits daily mobility

  • COPD or breathing problems

  • Had surgery and is recovery in home

  • In rehab or nursing home


Contact us at 724-284-9440

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