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Foster Care/Kinship

What It Means To Be A
Resource Caregiver

Are you interested in becoming a resource caregiver? It can be a rewarding experience aiding our youth through a difficult time in their lives. All children deserve a loving and caring family that will support them through their most difficult times. If you think you would like to be a resource caregiver, please check out the following information on how the process works and how to become a resource caregiver today!

What To Expect as a Child and Resource Caregiver

Children in our care and Resource Families are provided the

following services through Family Pathways:

Assessment and Orientation:

  • A comprehensive assessment and orientation for both child and family is provided by the Placement Coordinator (Supervisor) that outlines the policies, practices, trainings, and state regulated requirements

Case Management and Supportive Services: Each child and family are provided an Individual Placement Facilitator that will provide case management and support to both. The Individual Facilitator:

  • Builds rapport with the family and child by providing diligent follow through, timely responses, flexible scheduling, a listening ear, and a non-judgmental/supportive attitude

  • Assists with keeping biological parents informed of the child’s medical appointments, progress, and Individual Service Plan meetings

  • Conducts weekly phone calls to the family, case worker, outside providers, etc

  • Aids in scheduling of appointments and attending if needed

  • Attends court hearings, conferences, meetings, etc

  • Gathers details and information about the child in order to develop a detailed Individual Service Plan to assure that the child’s needs are met

  • Provides training materials to the caregivers to support their understanding of the child’s needs

  • Assists with locating respite as needed

  • Conducts a monthly home visit/safety check a minimum of once every 30 days (more if needed based on the family’s needs) to continuously monitor the needs of the child and family

  • Provides a comprehensive monthly report to the county outlining the child’s progress and any safety issues in the home or community

Resource Family Events: Family Pathways also:

  • Coordinates events and training opportunities to support and show appreciation to the resource families

  • Offers the Resource Caregiver Appreciation Zoo and Pumpkin Patch events

  • Provides monthly trainings at Family Pathways with a support group component, child centered activities, and a dinner

On Call Availability:

  • 24/7 on call support services

  • Our clinicians are available to advise and support our families and facilitators when a concern or need arises

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