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Family Pathways offers a variety of services that are designed to aid individuals and families within our community to strengthen themselves mentally, physically and emotionally.

We are not here to determine what is wrong with you....

We are here to learn what has happened....

And offer support where possible


It was Laurell K. Hamilton who said, "There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds".


Please click on the departments link you are interested in to review more information!

  • Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) Affiliate since 2002

  • Offering a full array of adoption and permanency services including:

    • Child Preparation​

    • Child Profile

    • Child Specific Recruitment (CSR)

    • Family Profile

    • Finalization

    • Post Permanency

Are you interested in becoming a resource caregiver?

  • Psychiatric evaluations and medication management

  • Telepsychiatry

  • Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists

  • Offer an in-home support for parents to prevent out of home placement

  • Strives to strengthen and stabilize the family unit, increase life management and coping skills, develop strategies to enhance parenting skills, enhance positive communication skills, and prevent out-of-home placement or to reunify family members

  • Services last from 6-8 months

  • Provide care and safety for children in out of home placement

  • Resource families receive ongoing training and support from Family Pathways staff

  • Parent Empowerment Services

  • Designed to assist families as they strive to cope with significant stresses or problems that interfere with parents’ ability to nurture and care for their children 

  • Family focused and community based

  • Promote parent-child bonding and relationships

  • Providing 40 years worth of experience

  • Great introduction into classroom environment 

  • Provides a consistent, predictable schedule that provides a sense of security.

  • Foster growth toward independence and social responsibility 

  • Referrals come from multiple sources

  • Promotes reliable, ongoing relationships with parents. 

  • Promotes children's emotional and physical safety 

  • Multiple levels of supervision

    • supervised visitation​

    • therapeutic supervised visitation

    • off site supervised visitation

    • monitored visitation

    • monitored exchange

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