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Legacy, Family Empowerment Program, provides services that are family-focused and community-based.  Program services are designed to assist families as they strive to cope with significant stresses or problems that interfere with parents’ ability to nurture and care for their children. The primary goal of the Legacy program is to provide a wide array of psychosocial support and advocacy services to assist with maintaining children in families, or to assist with reunification efforts, whenever this can safely occur. Legacy services can work closely and in partnership with treatment services such as outpatient or family based behavioral health services.


Legacy Empowerment Coaches are trained professionals that typically work as a team of two workers to ensure greater continuity of care for the families they strive to serve. Our coaches are uniquely suited to work with at risk families. They have experience and training specifically designed to address the wide array of needs that are typically present in families impacted by circumstances that cause them to be involved in the child welfare system.

Program Goals

The following are the goals of the Legacy Program:

  • Promote positive parent-child bonding and relationships

  • Increase parenting strategies and skills

  • Increase capacity of the caregiver to recognize and sensitively respond to their child's needs

  • Expand the family support system through increased parental involvement in the community

  • Promote optimal child health and development

  • Enhance parental self sufficiency

  • Improve social competencies in children

  • Reduce the incidence and reoccurrence of abuse or ongoing neglect

3 Primary Service Components

1. Assessment/Service Planning

2. Advocacy/Case Management

3. Parenting Education


Families with one or more children ages birth through 12 years at risk for disruption or out of home placement.

Parent Empowerment Group

Parent Empowerment Group is a component of Family Pathways Legacy Services, a family empowerment program designed to serve caregivers who have come to the attention of the child welfare system and/or domestic relations.  Parent Empowerment Group is a supplement to Individual Legacy Services for caregivers ages 18 and up.  The 15 week group format uses holistic methods to meet the needs of families and provide relevant skills and support to aid in safely maintaining children in families, as well as assist in reunification efforts.  The group includes educational sessions, group therapy/support, and a community meal.

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